pH test
pH test

Take one test

  1. Easily schedule a test in any of the dozens of cities in India.
  2. Track your test status, pay online or use a discount voucher.
  3. Get that pH Score. See where you stand in the market.

And don't worry. If you think you just had a bad day during the test, you can always take it again to get a score that reflects your true potential. There is a pH test almost every three weeks across the country!


Apply to many jobs

Have a pH Score? Now you're ready to reap the true benefit of eLitmus!

  1. See who's hiring, and apply to as many companies as you want with your one pH Score. As many. Free of cost. No more taking a dozen different aptitude tests!
  2. Track the status of all your applications from one central place.
  3. Confirm your interview calls, print out admit cards, check the results.

Seriously, getting that dream first job has never been easier!

Jobs applications
Jobs applications

Control everything. It's easy!

  1. Know exactly where you stand, and what you should do next in your job-search with the unique and fun career wizard!
  2. The latest updates on your account - tests, jobs, scores, interviews. All on one screen. Welcome to your dashboard.

And we're only beginning. Login to see what more you can do. And watch this space!