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  • Sidekiq process in production with Systemd and Monit

    Recently, we have upgraded our Sidekiq version from 5.2 to 6.5. Before Sidekiq 6.0 we were managing the Sidekiq process directly using Monit. With the release of Sidekiq 6, the team has removed the daemonization, logfile, and pidfile command line arguments and sidekiqctl binary. Managing services manually is more error-prone, let our operating system do it for us. We have three options to go with systemd, upstart, and foreman. We decided to go ahead with the systemd. read more »
  • Creating an npm package from my REACT Component

    So, you have created a useful, customisable, modular component in REACT. Now, you want to share it with everyone by making a package so that anyone can install it ? That is exactly what I had done and now I also wanted to create a npm package and publish it and this is how I did it. read more »
  • How Tough is it to Score Well in Board Exams?

    board exams
    the other side
    I completed my entire schooling (Classes I through XII) at one of Kolkata’s favoured catholic schools. In those days, discipline and academic excellence were the primary parameters that mattered and my school checked both these boxes rather well. read more »
  • It's the Attitude, Stupid!

    Congratulations on your first job! So you cleared the selection process; cracked some tests maybe, shone through a group discussion possibly, and impressed and charmed your way through the interviews. Well done! read more »
  • Fishing in Troubled Waters

    Back in my final year in college, I applied for a job at an FMCG major hiring for Techno-managerial roles. I cleared the eligibility criteria and the group discussion. The short and not-so-sweet interview went something like this: read more »