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  • Website Monitor Using Google App Script

    Recently, I was looking for a solution to notify me when a website is down and when it is back up. I found a few solutions, but they all had a learning curve. So I thought of an alternative solution using Google App Script, which I had recently learned about. read more »
  • Fixing Capybara Flaky Tests

    When writing system tests for a user interface, it is common to encounter test cases that fail randomly. One of the common failure can occur when the JavaScript on a page takes time to render, causing issues with the test case. read more »
  • Sidekiq process in production with Systemd and Monit

    Recently, we have upgraded our Sidekiq version from 5.2 to 6.5. Before Sidekiq 6.0 we were managing the Sidekiq process directly using Monit. With the release of Sidekiq 6, the team has removed the daemonization, logfile, and pidfile command line arguments and sidekiqctl binary. Managing services manually is more error-prone, let our operating system do it for us. We have three options to go with systemd, upstart, and foreman. We decided to go ahead with the systemd. read more »
  • Creating an npm package from my REACT Component

    So, you have created a useful, customisable, modular component in REACT. Now, you want to share it with everyone by making a package so that anyone can install it ? That is exactly what I had done and now I also wanted to create a npm package and publish it and this is how I did it. read more »