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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Sr. Business Associate
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

2 Years to 5 Years

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About You

You are someone who believes in charting your own destiny. You devour newspapers, feed on non-fiction books including ones written by business leaders for inspiration and do not stop at just being co-ordinator at events but have owned and delivered them (example college fests).  Post-college you spent 3+ years building up a business with another startup founder or were with a large brand lured by its high package but now want great work content.

Equally, you know that some of the legendary companies founders and their key team members had no prior experience and learned it along the way (Example Microsoft, Facebook, and closer home Flipkart, Reliance etc).


Why Look at this Opportunity

This is an opportunity to build a McKinsey or BCG of talent industry. A company which will set new benchmarks in offering great career to its hires and be the most sought after in premier colleges. In our 15 year history, this is the time when we have all ingredients in place and a right team can create history. 

Its not only the vision but also the job content. After one year with eLitmus, you will have ample freedom to go out and contribute to business building unlike “Large companies” where you need to conform to a process and just be equivalent to a worker in large assembly line. Equally, eLitmus has reached a critical mass in terms of the number of users which it plans to leverage to enter new business areas. Though a small organization, we have functions covering them all - customer success, sales, marketing, technology, alliances et al.


About eLitmus

eLitmus at the core is a talent assessment company. We defined a complete industry that resulted in scores of startups following us - raise huge funds and make successful exit. However, at eLitmus, we always remained bootstrapped and sustained ourselves with profits. Now we are looking at marrying a career with consumption (read consumer tech) so enter very exciting times. This time we are wiser and will raise venture funds.

Equally, our eLitmus pH Test has remained one of the best predictors of on job performance. We want to similarly be the platform that discovers and promotes some of the nascent consumer tech brands.

In the journey of eLitmus 2.0, we have embarked upon, we need the right talent. When we say right, no we do not mean 1% most intelligent folks. We believe intelligence is overrated and perseverance underrated. We are looking for talent which is high on the initiative and believes in getting things done without any societal perception influencing them. Imagine 15 years back telling someone that you run a taxi service or food delivery business - they would have thought of you as a loser !!


Who's right for this job ad

High on the self-initiative, persistence, and problem solver is what we seek. We want people who can make eLitmus great and in the process become great themselves (in Hindu mythology Ram could succeed because of Hanuman and in-process Hanuman got his fame and has more temples than those of Ram)

And yes - Appreciate Einstein’s favourite quote that “genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration” which was originally said by Edison (it means what you are born with contributes only 1% to success, 99% contribution is from hard work)



More about the role

Getting things done. Remember we operate in a VUCA world - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. You will begin with a function - Customer Success or Sales or Operations. After six months to a year, you will have the freedom to add multiple dimensions to your profile. In all probability, we will want you to be an intrapreneur who owns and champions a line function.


Must Have:

  • We prefer Engineers - but if you are an achiever does it matter
  • 2+ years experience post finishing your college
  • Clear track record of going the extra mile in your current job (for eg. If you work on an IT project, you should not only know inside out of the project, but also what your customer does)
  • Should have filled the below google form if you are a non pH score holders


Compensation Details

In addition to compensation indicated above,  add a couple of million rupees for saved fees to an MBA institute !! And you would have learned more with us :) The incentives offered have no upper cap. So if you are some one who can generate results - compensation will be the best in town. 

Selection process

  • Round 1 will have three tests. Be ready for questions like below in one of the tests
    • If God granted you a wish where in you could chose only one trait between intelligence and persistence , which will you chose and why?
    • What is it you want to achieve from your next employment? (Please list three things )
    • Any achievement of yours which makes you unique or any challening thing you have done which make you most proud of ? Tell us about your journey you took to achieve the uniqueness.
    • What are the two habits you will like to pick up in next 1 years or are in process of picking up? Tell us your plan or how you are going about achieving it?
  • We will give you an assignment on excel (it is ok for you to spend a week and teach yourself great excel)
  • Interview rounds: three
    • Will include puzzle-solving



  • If you do not know about McKinsey please spend at least  5 to 10 hours researching the company.  We are a lot inspired by McKinsey and Amazon