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  • How Tough is it to Score Well in Board Exams?

    I completed my entire schooling (Classes I through XII) at one of Kolkata’s favoured catholic schools. In those days, discipline and academic excellence were the primary parameters that mattered and my school checked both these boxes rather well. read more »
  • It's the Attitude, Stupid!

    Congratulations on your first job! So you cleared the selection process; cracked some tests maybe, shone through a group discussion possibly, and impressed and charmed your way through the interviews. Well done! read more »
  • Fishing in Troubled Waters

    Back in my final year in college, I applied for a job at an FMCG major hiring for Techno-managerial roles. I cleared the eligibility criteria and the group discussion. The short and not-so-sweet interview went something like this: read more »
  • Hiring may be Rocket Science, but its Tenets are Basic

    Hiring is as old as employment itself. We are talking about a time period of a few thousand years – not a fact to be trifled with. The methods, tools and approaches may have changed and evolved with time, but I believe that it’s safe to say that the underlying principles would not have changed much. read more »
  • To the Goth Kids

    It seems like only recently, startups would hire folks to do just about everything, all at once, and then somehow, we’ve arrived at a ‘Product Manager of Paytm Experience’. How tunnel vision syndrome is eroding the startup spirit. read more »
  • Custom Capacity Buffers In Go

    At elitmus we use ruby to create most of our tools and most of our applications are also written in ruby. Recently I started exploring ways to build our tools especially the backend tools in languages other than ruby which have much lesser memory footprint and better efficiency. One such cases was to create a sandboxed environment for running untrusted code on our servers. After evaluating multiple languages, I decided to use golang because of it’s excellent library support coupled with the fact the docker(a sandboxed env) was also written in go. read more »