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eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Technology Lead (New Product-line builder)
eLitmus Evaluation Pvt Ltd
Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

5 Years to 7 Years

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About eLitmus

  • Profitable business
    • Not dependent on funding. We thought we will call it out so that fear of job safety does not keep you away.
  • We provide talent solutions
    • All of us agree that talent is going to be the most critical piece for any company to become successful. So we operate in the hottest business area.
  • What sets us apart
    • Largest solution provider for hiring of fresh engineers (bigger database than any other platform).
    • Data is the new oil. And you guessed it right - we are looking at monetizing the same. We are looking to build new platforms to do it and that is where we need you.
  • No Corporate sales team since 2014.
    • Testimony to the fact that we do something right and customers keep coming back to us and referring us too. This is unlike our competitors who employ 40+ sales professionals for equivalent revenue and spend a fortune on ads.
    • In continuation of the above bullet - we know that our website sucks and we can drastically improve it. But yet we continue to do well speaks about our offerings hitting product market fit.


Our Story

In 2019 we set out on the journey of eLitmus 3.0. The ground work is done and we are now looking for our winning team.     

All along we have been too busy building awesome products and ensuring all customer deliveries are nothing but excellent. We have been happy churning out great products and customers coming to us with word of mouth. This has ensured we have remained a small bunch of highly motivated people. But now we are looking at eLitmus being a tech company rather than a company enabled by tech. Looking for few mavericks to join the team to make it happen. The ones who Steve Jobs said "stay foolish and stay hungry". Remember its a handful of revolutionaries which changed the World with French Revolution.   



  • 5+ years of working experience
  • B.E / B.Tech / M.E / M.Tech
  • Proficient coder
  • High problem solving and algorithmic thinking skills


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About You  

Someone who is an author and not just a translator who coded what was told. You are naturally curious and innovative. You will like to code to solve business problems and measure success of the tech you built by the revenue it can generate or how fast it can become viral. And building your team is part of the product specification ;)

Now to some cliched stuff which all job descriptions carry - You are Brilliant and highly ambitious. You have a minimum of 5 years of experience behind you (ideally more like 7). Maybe you’ve worked as a senior engineer or a tech lead at a big, respectable software company or a young start up. Now you’re looking to step up in a big way. You love to code and do everything that goes with it until your code lands in production. You love to mentor smart youngsters. You have been an active participant in hiring your team mates.

This may be a big leap for you, but it’s a leap you’re ready to take. You realize that great power will come with great responsibility, and that doesn’t scare you. You want to take on the world (and win).


About the Job    

As shared above, we are discarding our highly profitable boutique firm mentality and embarking on a journey of scaling up by leveraging the large database we have by launching new product lines. You will be the single point of success and do whatever it takes to move the needle rather get down into folk tale of scaling up company without external funding. We are based in Bangalore, Karnataka and are in the process of moving from fully remote to a hybrid work environment.     


Compensation Details

  • Performance linked equity will be offered.



Anyone who has an eLitmus account can refer their friends to this job. As a token of gratitude eLitmus will pay you a cash reward (paid to a bank account of an Indian resident post applicable tax deductions by eLitmus):

  • ₹ 25,000 for each successful referral
    • For detailed terms, please visit the referral program link given above.