If you have graduated recently, or know someone who has, you will know exactly what a drain finding that dream job can be: researching all the companies that are hiring people with your background, sending out resumes to the dozens of companies that are, and then hoping that your resume won't get lost among the lakhs of similar others.

How many times have you felt that it would be so much nicer if companies came to you instead, and all you had to do was chose the right one? And how many times have you felt that you are better than your aggregates or CGPAs indicates? That you can get a better job than the one you currently have or are likely to, if only you had a way to show them a measure of your true potential?

Relax, for help is now at hand. eLitmus has been formed to help you cope with these very difficulties. No more being pushed around in walk-ins, no more praying that your CV doesn't get lost, and no more searching for employee referees to get your resume noticed. Once you have a valid pH Score, you can apply to dozens of companies hiring through eLitmus - over 600 of them at last count and find that dream first job.

Read testimonials from thousands of candidates like you, who have found their dream jobs through the pH Test. Or read our FAQ section to find out more about how the pH test works. And, when you're done, register for the next pH Test here . This might yet be the smartest move you'll ever make in your career.