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Owners of the pH Test, one of the most researched employability tests in India and over 650+ tests on assessing General Mental Aptitude, English Communication, Behavioral Skills and Domain Knowledge.

We are the only company in the world to link the fees of assessments to outcomes, like on job performance. Read more


Execute your campus recruitment program through local eLitmus offices & relationship teams across India.

Off-campus recruitment is enabled by eLitmus' Virtual Campus which gives you access to quality talent, thousands of whom have on campus offers


End to end processes - from application capture to results declaration is enabled by technology.

We have delivered over a million test across 22 countries using our online technology platform alone. For off-line tests, our OMR technology can evaluate paper based answer sheets with near 100% accuracy.


We have deep insights of youth psychology and drivers, through a dedicated team. Leverage the same and influence employer brands in social media.

We also help companies build and differentiate employer brand through introduction of special courses in college curriculum, setting up labs, commissioning joint researches and sponsoring events in colleges.