Use Cases

Conduct Online Assessments in Highly Secured Environment

Find out about many ways to use PAC Assessments

Standardized recruitment process, delivered at scale, globally.

How to tie disparate groups (BUs), many through acquisitions spread out across the globe, through a common, standard, malpractice-proof and scalable TA process?

  • Role, Skill, Experience specific assessments-
    • MCQs
    • Coding challenges
  • Cloud platforms with automated scoring
  • Technology proctoring to mitigate malpractice
  • Monitored and improved assessment reliability and validity using data analytics
Control on costs
Centralized change management
Minimum malpractices
Integral part of recruitment process

Client branded, hub-and-spoke integrated system.

How to manage a large volume of applicants pan-India using discrete systems (since a single-vendor approach was untenable)?

  • Role, Skill, Experience specific assessments
  • Delivery using white-labelled PAC cloud platform with automated scoring
  • PAC hub integrated with
    • Candidate registration portal (client’s website)
    • Third party assessment provider for Spoken English assessment
    • Third party CRM
Higher productivity
Lower resource costs
Access to real time dashboards
Minimal on-ground resources required

Organization-wide competency benchmarking.

How to improve talent quality and optimize resource allocation, given its 10th percentile position on the compensation scale?

  • Identified intervention areas through RCA
  • Created custom skill assessments as per industry benchmarks
  • Deployed these as a resource allocation gatekeepers
  • Used the same assessments as a baseline to create pre-recruitment assessments
83% reduction in client rejection rates
Integral part of recruitment process

Maximizing ROI on Campus Hiring Investments.

How to objectively identify colleges to visit during campus placements?

  • College index
    • Popularity Index
    • Renege analysis
    • Entrance methodology
    • Business Analytics
    • HR Analytics
  • Personal Index
    • Academic / Family background
    • Exposure
Malpractice Elimination
Reduce time and efforts
First mover advantage