Hiring Potential Test (pH Test)

In March 2008, a Fortune 500 IT services company used eLitmus pH test as a benchmark to recruit entry-level professionals. At the end of the three-month training program, there was zero involuntary attrition among people hired through pH. In contrast, the average percentage of new hires let go at the end of training period was over 5.2% when recruited through alternate channels. This resulted in a saving to the company of Rs 1.8 million for every hundred hires.

Companies ranging from start-ups to global giants across a gamut of industries like IT security, IT products, R&D, software services, physical infrastructure and KPO have benefitted immensely from using pH Test as a benchmark.

Modern day business schools are also finding pH Test extremely relevant as an admissions test. The evolution of focused MBA institutes that offer super-specialization which require potential students to have corresponding strengths. pH Test can very effectively identify these traits. Additionally, students who undergo excessive coaching at one of the training institutes (which teach students strategies to “crack the test”, not concepts) get no undue advantage on the pH test. Lastly, the pH Test uses highly researched methodologies to create a gradient in the top quartile of talent pool.

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pH Test demystified

pH Test uses on-the-job performance feedback provided by select customers, and theoretical psychometric methodologies and standards to continuously improve the test validity. Our cross-functional research team comprises domain experts, industry practitioners and statisticians. We have been able to demonstrate a thought leadership of 10 to 34 months over other leading standardized tests, with path-breaking innovations like handicap-based negative marking. Read more ….

Information for test takers

The pH Test is conducted every few weeks across the country. The schedule of upcoming tests is regularly published on www.elitmus.com. The test has been designed to measure the natural ability of test takers rather than your ability to learn by rote. To this end, all necessary formulae are provided in the question paper. Those who focus on building fundamentals and broad skills, rather than on learning “tricks” to solve specific topics perform better on this test. Read more about the sections, duration etc